12mm Steel Rack and Pinion Gear For Sliding Gate Motor

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The Gear Rack and Pinion Gear have good quality and a favorable price. Its main application is that works with a sliding gate opener. You can contact me or watch the videos on this page.
 12mm Steel Rack and Pinion Gear For Sliding Gate Motor

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The motor adopts the most simplified line design, concise and neat. The color is simple and easy, easy to match with various styles. Full enclosures are enclosed to better protect the interior from rain and snow.

rack and pinion gear electric sliding gate motors

  1. The motor cannot be installed on a slope.
  2.  In order to prevent the influence of freezing in winter, the running track must be installed in a place with good drainage.
  3.  Ensure that the door can slide smoothly on the track. Otherwise, the sensor on the sliding door motor will not be able to detect
    the obstacle and the door will fail to close.
  4.  A limit device must be installed at the maximum opening position and closing position of the door, otherwise, the door may fall off the track during emergency unlocking.
  5.  Any operation and malfunction that may affect safety must be eliminated immediately.
  6.  The door must be stable and resistant to torsion, that is, it is not allowed to bend or twist when it is opened or closed.
  7. The motor of the sliding door cannot compensate for the defect of the door or its wrong installation.
  8.  It is not allowed to operate the sliding door motor in an explosion-hazardous area.
  9.  It is not allowed to operate the sliding door motor in a room with corrosive gas.
Autogate gear rack:
M4 8x30x1000mm/2000mm
M4 9x30x1000mm/2000mm
M4 10x30x1000/2000mm
M4 11x30x1000/2000mm
M4 12x30x1000/2000mm
M4 22x22x1000/2000mm
M6 30x30x1000/2000mm
Nylon rack (4 holes / 6 holes for choice)


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