Advertisement Pedestrian Gate and Door Motor


Pedestrian Gate Operator

BLDC Motor, controller, power supply, 2 remote and fitting accessories


Applications: Mainly suited for controlling rapid response gates such as swing Advertisement Pedestrian Gate or barrier lift Advertisement  gates (single or double jointed)

  1. Gear transmission structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, strong overall sense.
  2. The new products are tailor-made for this industry and the gear adopts the processing technology of worm grinding wheel grinding after heat treatment, fine rolling of hard alloy hob, etc.
  3. The new product uses with DC brushless motor to avoid the problem of carbon brush life. Adjustable speed.
  4. The entire seal structure, high degree of protection (≥IP55); have a rainproof capability.
  5. Pedestrian Gate DC24V(Safe voltage)
  6. Installed the chassis, adjust the position Pedestrian Gate automatically after power on, and adjust the angle of rising pole and falling pole at will.
Voltage: DC24VOutput Power: 30WCurrent: 1.5A
Gate Operation Time: 3-6SInsulation Class: FOperation Lifetime: >=5 Million Times
Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°CHumidity: 85% or LowerAltitude: 1000 Meter or Lower

Advertisement Pedestrian Gate and Door Motor

voltage220V 10%,50HZ
Standby power≤6W
Rated current<1A
Open/close speed3‐8s
Protection levelIP55
Power45W (max)
Rated power25W
Electric lock output12V,500MA
Open-angle90° design standard
Horizontal thrust180kg
remote control distance≤30m
Motorbrushless motor /door closer(optional)


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