Automatic Shutters and Aluminum 1 Calss Slat


The special grade inorganic folding fireproofing Automatic Shutters is made of special processing, combining with the intelligent characteristic of modern industrial and civil architecture. Its quality reaches the international standard.

wooden grains Automatic Shutters

The special grade inorganic foldable fireproofing shutter refers to the use of inorganic fireproof and heat insulation cloth as door surface, Automatic Shutters with steel rope and pulley as transmission, and the folding way to lift the door surface, and the span can be extended infinitely in the middle without a column, and it is good to keep the interior full space of the building in the irregular interval of fire prevention.

Roller Shutter Door Aluminum Roller

The Aluminums Automatic Shutters Door have the satisfactory mute operation performance, its security 

of anti-theft can effectively prevent the theft. It can help to prevent the sunlight in a more economic

way which are ideal choices for the shop villa, supermarket, etc.

The aluminum Automatic Shutters door provides

a powerful protection to your house, whether it’s windy, rainy, hail, or the scorching sun of summer,

it always provides a comfortable living room or comfortable room. It also effectively protects your

furniture, floors and wooden doors and windows from being exposed to intense sunlight


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