Best Advertising Boom Barrier System MRM368


It’s suitable for hotels, garden villas, residential areas, parking lots, enterprises and institutions,


Advertising Boom Barrier System common function

  1. The box is waterproof, durable, and can be used in outdoor environments. closed fence barriers prevent people from crossing casually.
  2. the box is treated by pickling, photostatting, electrostatic spraying polyester powder, etc. And it has been subjected to high-temperature hot-melt baking, scrubbing, and anti-UV quality, ensuring no fading for more than three years.
  3. The shape is simple and grand, with a good view of the advertising Boom Barrier System lightbox and the flap advertising position, the flap can be separately disassembled, easy to change the screen, easy to operate.
  4. This Boom Barrier System can be equipped with a soft hose to prevent crashes, as well as other protective equipment such as air pressure waves so that the system has anti-smashing functions.
  5. A variety of control methods are available for users to choose from. Both external wired and remote control can be used to control the rise/lower/windproof of the gate.
  6. With the use of multiple protection measures (heater protection, low-temperature protection, wind protection, anti-electricity protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), the reliability of the barrier operation is greatly improved.
  7. Integrating light, electricity, and mechanical control, flexible operation, convenience, and reliability.
  8. It can be used with the optional vehicle detector to make it have the functions of “automatic drop-off after the car passing” and “automatic lifting of the drop-bar when there is a car”, which make the Boom Barrier System have automatic closing and perfect anti-smashing function.
  9. It has the function of opening the gate priority, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the vehicle passing through the channel.
  10. The Boom Barrier System uses a standard electrical interface externally, which can be easily attached to other systems selected by the user.
  11. Advertising lightbox and flap advertising with LED light strip, adjustable time control, or light sensor control, energy saving.
  12. All moving parts have been adjusted to a gentle movement and balance state, the solid machine performance is stable, the operation is smooth, the noise is small, and the service life is long.



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