Best Hydraulic Tail Lift 1000 to 1500kg Manufacturers

The systems are more simple, more stable, more convenient for installation and maintenance.


The hydraulic Truck Tail Lift cylinders use leakproof structure style which is our independent designed patent. It can drastically improve the

1. Competitive price

We are the Hydraulic Tail Lift manufacture and have lots of orders from domestic and foreign each year, so we can purchase the raw material with much

the cheaper price which will directly affect the Hydraulic Tail Lift price of the lifting machines.

2. Reliable quality

Hydraulic Tail Lift Lorry Material used. The thickness of the rectangular tube is 5mm which makes the whole machine more steady and durable.

b.Oil Paint. The oil paint we used to meet the international standard which looks more bright and smooth, also not easy to remove or come off.

3. Good service

We assure you reply the email within 24 hours.

We assure you 12 mouth quality warranty time.

4. Keeping innovations

We welcome every recommendation and opinion from you and make progress together with you.

We can design a new machine as your requirements, Hydraulic Tail Lift until to your satisfaction.

Hydraulic Tail Lift Specifications

Platform size(mm)1700*18001800*20002000*20502000*2400
It can be made according to the width of the vehicle
Self-weight (Kg)320460540620
Motor power(KW)222.53
Using height from the vehicle box to ground(mm)700-1550
Average lifting speed(mm/sec)60-80
Hydraulic oil32#-46#Anti-wear hydraulic oil
Platform working angle5Degrees -9Degrees


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