Bi Folding Gate


  • Customized gate size to suit any requirements, the recommendation is 1.8m height and no more than 9m length.
  • High quality material, simple structure, excellent jointing, which make the folding gate elegant and grand.
  • No need pre-laid any parts, easy installation and low failure rate.
  • The gate is stable in suspension folding without noise, friction or abrasion.
  • The gate is with 4 motors to separately control each section and linkage control system.
  • With the overheating protection device, the motor will auto stop working when temperature is over 120 degree.
  • With electromagnetic lock, it’s very strong and locked in closed situation, and automatic unlock once getting signal of opening.
  • With Infrared anti-pinching sensors, security clutch, emergency button and warning lighting for security and safety guarantee.
  • With remote control: it’s very easy operation of opening and closing gate and distance is less than 30m.
  • The advanced microcomputer control technology will fully monitor the straight line sliding to assure of the best security in performance.
  • Suitable to such as too high or too low temperature (¬†from -35 to 70 degree), wind, raining, ice, snow, uneven ground or some other tough circumstances.
  • Applied to garden entrance, courtyard gate, villa front door, residential main entrance, school main gate etc.


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