Custom Size Telescopic Sliding Gates for main gates

Telescopic Sliding Gates combine the handiness of conventional sliding gates while contributing key benefits. They can substantially decrease the back run required as compared to a single leaf gate. The gates are made-up to make it possible to achieve an extreme clear as compared to a conventional sliding gate.

  • Telescopic Sliding Gates are perfect for sites where extreme opening is compulsory and back run is limited due to structural situations
  • Speed of the gate gets boosted


Gates & Fence

We specialize in making quality light weight, robust, rust free aluminum gates of all shapes, sizes and designs.

Our Range of Gates Includes:


  • Driveway Gates
  • Automatic Gates
  • Sliding Gates

  • Electric Gates
  • Security Gates
  • Steel Gates

  • Aluminum Gates
  • Hinged Gates
  • Garden Gates


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