Dock Shelter Dock Leveler Hydraulic Drive


Dock Shelter Relying on our excellent business performance and R&D, we are now growing up to about 100 people work team, including International Sales Department, Domestic Sales Department, Purchase Department, Financial Department, Human Resource Department, and Research and Development. We are always ready to provide professional service for you

Dock Shelter Structural Drawing

Dock Shelter

1. Mould
12. Seeger straight pins of the lip
2. Hydraulic control unit
13. Stright Pin body of the body
3. Upper plate
14. Right foot guard
4. Left foot guard
15. Flange fixing – upper plate cylinder
5. Control unit support
16. Upper plate rotation pivot
6. Swinging lip
17. Seeger upper plate rotation pivot
7. Left short shaft
18. Stright Pin body of the upper plate
8. Shaft fixing pins
19. Upper plate cylinder
9. Right long shaft
20. Upper plate cylinder shaft pin
10. Cylinder of the lip
21. Seeger upper plate cylinder pins
11. Pin of the lip cylinder rod

Dock Shelter Operation very convenient, make the loading and unloading job  easy and fast, improve Logistic Efficiency;
Dock Shelter Installation and service going every way and the quality very stability and long lifetime using.

Product Description

Material Description
Upper Plate
8 mm thickness, anti-skate steel plate
Swinging Lip
Single 16 mm thickness, 400mm length
28mm galvanized
Foot Guard
Single galvanized,1.5 mm thickness
Support Profile
L Steel Profile,4 mm thickness
Control box
IP65, Monitor can display using times and DTCS, split control system, emergency stop
Safety system
a)self-locking)lip emergency stop
Working Range
-300mm to 350mm
400 x 100 x 80mm
Loading Capacity


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