Electric Sliding Gate Motor AC Opener Remote Control


Residential 800KG Gear System Electric Sliding Gate Motor AC Opener


Unit Model800AC
Power SupplyAC200V/50Hz AC110/60Hz
Maximum gate weight800KG
Motor Power380W
Output Torque18N.m
Output Shaft Height46mm
Limit SwitchMagnetic Or Spring Limit Switch
Gate Moving Speed11-13m/min
Remote Control Range≥30m
Recording Of Up Remote25
Work DutyS2 20min
Working Temperature-20℃-+70℃
Backup Battery
Driving ModeGear
Package Weight10.00kg
Sliding Gate Motor  Wiring instruction:
 1. Connect L and N to the power supply of AC220V/50HZ; AC110V/60HZ; 
L is Live wire, N is Neutral wire, PE is grounding wire. 
2. Connect LAMP to D1, D2; voltage: AC220V/50HZ; AC110V/60HZ. 
3. Connect the Sliding Gate Motor wire U to the REV motor wire, connect W to the 
FWD motor wire, and connect V to the motor common wire. 
4. Connect C, C to the capacitor wire. 
X5 Terminal 
24VDC Power supply for fittings +24VDC (Electric current ≤50mA) ; 
GND Power ground; 
I.R Photo cell input (N.C.); 
CLLM Close limit switch; 
COM Limit switch common terminal; 
OPLM Open limit switch. 
X7 Terminal 
COM Control button common terminal; 
STP Stop control button (N.O.); 
CLS Gate close control button (N.O.); 
OPN Gate open control button (N.O.)
DIP Switch 
1. External button switch. ON - Three button switch; OFF - Single button 
switch (X7 terminal CLS button can be used to circularly control 
OPEN/STOP/CLOSE/STOP of the main engine) 
2. Automatic close time. 
3. Automatic close time. 
Sliding Gate Motor  Setting for automatic close time: 
2 ON 3 OFF: automatic Sliding Gate Motor  close time is 15s, 
2 OFF 3 ON: automatic close time is 30s, 
2 OFF 3 OFF: automatic Sliding Gate Motor  close time is 45s, 
2 ON 3 ON: no automatic close function. 
Infrared connection Infrared photocell function: 
In the closing process, when infrared ray of the photocell is covered by 
people or objects during its detection range, the gate will open 
immediately for security protection. 
The distance between photocell receiver and photocell emitter should be 
more than 2 meters,otherwise will affect the induction of the Sliding Gate Motor  photocell. 
If connect the infrared photocell, please remove the short connection 
between I.R and GND on the X5 terminal.


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