Face Recognition System


Suitable for scenic spots, offices, hotels, schools, shopping malls, communities, or any other places that require auto face recognition.


1. Temperature measurement in a full field of view, and temperature anomaly screening.

2. Real-time response to temperature measurement and data analysis to improve the efficiency of temperature measurement

3. Support compensation temperature and alarm temperature Settings to improve monitoring efficiency

4. The device can meet the requirements of face recognition, QR code recognition (optional), id card recognition (optional), and credit card swiping.

5. Smart wide dynamic recognition camera.

6. More than 6 scenarios can be applied to achieve access control, educational attendance, information release, menu display, dish reservation, account recharge, video phone, public resource reservation, Internet of things classroom, and other functions.

Face Recognition System

The Recognition Accuracy is High for Square Face Recognition System

Person ID card recognition machine, personnel swipe ID card, the device captures face photos, collects ID card information (including photos), compares photos taken with ID card photos on the spot, and obtains similarity for personal certificate comparison

Sensor Facial Access Control Face Recognition System Device with Wiegand face authentication

1) Beautiful and compact appearance, easy to install

2) Human body infrared sensor fill light camera

3) Wide dynamic camera, anti-backlight

4) The recognition accuracy is high and the speed is fast.

5) Beautiful interface, simple operation, fast, easy to use, and good back-end management function segment

Face Recognition System

Dimension8 inches
Full view170°IPS LCD screen
RGB Infrared
Resolution2 million pixels & 1.3 million pixels
Focal Length3.2mm
White BalanceAutomatically
Wide DynamicSupport
CPU 6 cores2.0GHz
Fill LightInfrared, LED fill light
Network ModuleSupport wired, wireless (2.4GWiFi), wireless (USB external)
USB USB2.0  1
RS232RS232, 2.5mm terminal block 2P
Relay 2.5mm terminal block 3P
Weigand 2.5mm terminal block 3P, support Wiegand 26
Wired  Network RJ45 Gigabit Network

face recognizer temperature body temperature camera face recognition system camera access control

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Face Recognition System

High-quality human face recognize camera pedestrian lane security access control system with speed gate
stainless steel 304 (Cover:1.5mm Cabinet:1.2mm)
Passage Width
Passage direction
Pass rate
45 persons/min
Infrared sensors
6 pairs
DC brushless motor,50w/24v
Power input
Working voltage
Working humidity
Working temperature
working environment
Communication interface
Access control system
ID/IC card ,fingerprint,face recognition,Barcode/QR code,phone app,ESD system,visitor system,etc

8 inch ai infrared face recognition system software temperature thermal camera thermometer device attendance

Door Face Temperature Scanner Human Body camera Fast Face Recognition System Access Controller System Temp Measurement


1. Dynamic face recognition,
2. 8 inches HD Big Screen, 4Core 1.8G CPU, RAM2GB, ROM8GB
3.TCP/IP, USB, WIFI, 1RS232, 1 Aduio,1 Video
4. Dual HD camera.
5. Relay out, door sensor, Alarm, Wiegand In/Out

6. Temperature high warning, Wear face mask waring

7, Wall mounting, Gate installing, Desktop placed For different installation

8, Support HTTP development, Support BS and CS

9, Supports stranger and ID matching function

8-inch tablet face recognition
Living Binocular
8 inch
1280 * 960
Power supply
DC 12V ± 10%
Operating system
Android 5.1
Power consumption
15 W
High-performance 32-bit 4-core ARM chip
Temperature range
Dual cameras
USB 200W pixel wide dynamic, anti-backlight 1 / 3-inch image sensor, 4.2mm focal length, F2.4 aperture
Communication mode
TCPIP, support multiple deployment methods for public cloud, private cloud, LAN
Support storage of 10,000 face photos and 1 million recognition records
Output method
Support 232 serial port, switch value, Wiegand output, HDMI
485 interface*1, 232 interface*2, USB*2, OTG*2, 232 interface*1, on/off*1,access switch*1, WG output*1, WG input*1, door button
interface / fire interface

Face Recognition System


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