An automatic gate is one of the most useful things to use in companies, industries, colonies, colleges, and schools


Fangate Made in cold galvanized, ss steel swing folding Gate Provided with complete automatic and safety plus kit

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An automatic gate is one of the most useful things to use in companies, industries, colonies, colleges, and schools.
There is some type to operate a fangate such as a swing on a screw or on rack and pinion, piston operated, rotary
and chain sprocket. Design is available for some type of operation and it is most costly also When installation
and maintenance costs are not yet been considered.


Most of the products we used in our country were imported from
a foreign country. The objectives of this paper are to study, analyze and develop a new mechanism that is cheap,
safe easily available and installation is simple as well. Here, different types of mechanism are used to operate
the gate.


Those methods are finite element modeling and mechanical design concept and theories. So we have to
select material, size of material, and proper installation. Therefore, the durability assessment results are
significant to reduce the cost and improve product reliability. In order to improve the designed mechanism,
vibration factors are considered and more features provided


Now a day’s swing fangate is operated by a hand-driven gear mechanism for forwarding- reversing the gate, and also
currently operated on geared AC/Dc motor by push button switch.

Its uses increased extensively around the 20th
century when expensive motorized vehicles came into existence and its safety become a concern for its

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So considering this we suggest that revers-forward sliding gate automatically by gear control.
After the huge progress made in the field of electrical,

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mechanical that touched everything of our basic
necessities, swing fangate was not the exception. Several sliding gates are available that can be operated with the push
button switch and they come with various safety measures for the users.

fangate design

Objectives for this project refer to the mission, purpose, or standard; minimize cost simple mechanism that
can be reasonably achieved within the expected time and with the resources which are available.

The objective of this project is to design an automatic gate mechanism for collage with a swing gate with a weight
of 400kg 1000kg of the gate. Cost reduction and ease of installation are also considered for this mechanism.

The main objective of this paper is to design; the control mechanism. , Design of hardware to open or close gate
automatically, reduced overall cost. Easy maintenance and high operating efficiency.


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