Galvanized Iron Rolling Shutter


Galvanized Iron Rolling Shutter

  • Offers greater security, with noise-free operation, and aesthetic.
  • Ideal for residential use, retail store, industrial spaces, warehouse, loading docks.
  • This type is delivered with electro-statically pained in the shades of the main colour index.
  • These shutters are custom made to fit any opening spaces.

GI Single Wall Pre – Coated Rolling Shutter – MRM PGIRS

  • The profile are Zincalume coated which provides aesthetic appearance.
  • These shutters are used in commercial and residential applications.
DescriptionGI Pre – Coated
MaterialsGalvanized Iron
FinishPre – Coated
Profile Height75 mm
Profile Width0.8 to 1,2 mm
Max.Dimension10000 x 8000


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