Heavy Duty Security Hydraulic Road Blocker 4 Meters

Where is the operation of the Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier?
Widely use around the prison, military base, bank, hotel, and other high-security requirements places.


Heavy Duty Security 4 Meters Road Blocker Waterproof Hydraulic Roadway Safety Road Blocker

What is the feature of the Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier?

1. Durable, Overload, Operate Smoothly, Low Noise, Fast speed up & down
2. Micro control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable, Easily integrate to into other systems
3. Compatible with road barriers, Turnstiles, and other access system control to achieve automatic control
4. Advanced mature Hydraulic Road Blocker pressure technologies
5. Remote control system realize wireless control up & down within 30 meters range
6. Customized for different users requests
7. Controller display: LCD and LED
8. Swiping card system: built-in card reader to control bollards up & down
9. Road barrier integrate with Bollards: built-in access control realize road barrier, A/C and bollards in one-card
10. Connected with Computer Management OR Charging Systems

Main Function:

  • Can be manually raised and fall down if power is cut.
  • Gang-control interface
  • Reliable structure, heavy-duty load, smooth action, low noise.
  • In raising and falling, the reversible operation is available.
  • The Hydraulic Road Blocker drive comes with a hydraulic lock
  • Welding cylinder
  • PLC programming command control system
  • LCD display, both English menu.
  • PLC built-in encryption system
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders : HOB63-200CA+I Stroke 200 Heavy-duty Industrial Level
  • Double dynamic double oil pump 2.3ML/time
  • Hydraulic oil hose: PT international interface,1/2 Double wire high-pressure hose


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