Industrial Gate Automation


Automatic Gate Automation is one of the most useful things to use in companies, industries, colonies, colleges, and schools. There is some type to operate a gate such as a swing & sliding on a screw or on rack and pinion, piston operated, rotary and chain sprocket.

Design is available for some type of operation and it is most costly also When installation and maintenance costs are not yet been considered.

Entrance Gate Automation Design

Most of the products we used in our country were imported from a foreign country. The objectives of this paper are to study, analyze and develop a new mechanism that is cheap, safe easily available and installation is simple as well. Here, different types of mechanisms are used to operate the Gate Automation.

Those methods are finite element modeling and mechanical Gate Automation design concept and theories.

Entrance Gate Automation Design

So we have to select material, size of material, and proper installation. Therefore, the durability assessment results are significant to reduce the cost and improve product reliability.

In order to improve the designed mechanism, vibration factors are considered and more features are provided.

Entrance Gate Automation Design

MaterialJamb: 50x150x2.5mm tube

Door Panel: 150x50x2.5mm tube 
Scrollwork: 14×14mm or 16×16mm solid bar
Surface Treatment
Zinc Spraying + Iron red epoxy primer
Customized is available
Tempered Double-panes Insulated (5mm+9A+5mm) Impact glass are available
Manufacture time
20-45 days
Villa, hotel, resort house, Industrial 

Entrance Gate Automation Design

Gate Automation Specifications

  1. Finishes: Hot Dipped Galvanize & Powder Coating
  2. Colour: Gold or any color you prefer
  3. Iron Fence

Dimension: Gate Automation Customer design are available

  • Color: Silver Vein ( SV), Satin Black (SB), Antique Bronze (AB), Oil Rubbed Copper(ORC), Antique Nickel (AN), Copper Vein ( CV),
  • Black Matte ( BM), Oil Rubbed Bronze ( ORB).
  • Finish: Galvanization, paint, and powder coating
  • Origin: India
  • Material: Forged iron, cast iron
  • Quantity: It is up to you.
  • Knockdown available


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