LED Indication access control Infrared Sensor Switch No Touch DC12-24V


Featured with infrared technology, touch free, more convenient to use.
Contactless, free from contagious disease spread.
The switch responds agilely and quickly.
IP-55 industrial protection level.
Stainless steel plate, very durable to use.
Suitable for doors, gates, or other exit automation control systems.
LED indication.

access control Infrared

specializes in the development and manufacture of security and protection products. Our main series now include  access control boards fingerprint time attendance and access control , Biometric device  Standalone integrated access controller,   Access card reader  electromagnetic locks  electric bolt locks  fingerprint locks  RFID card readers  Access power supplies , Exit button, Hotel Door Lock System, Cabinet Locker Lock System.


*Model: K2-1
* Size(mm): 86L*86W*16H
* Power: DC12-24V
* Output Contact: NO/NC/COM
* Sensitive Distance: 5-15cm distance is adjustable
* Time Delay: 0-9s delay adjustment
* LED Indicator: Standby blue, Response green.
* Material: Stainless steel panel
* Panel logo: Customizable

Model Number
Product Name
Door Exit Button
Stainless Steel
Product size
Power supply voltage
Contact output
Maximum current
3A / 125-250VAC
Endurance test
100,000 times
hollow door frame (surface installation)
Packing parameters


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