Loading Dock Leveler Equipment Hydraulic Pit Fixed


Loading Dock Leveler Feature:

1. Capacity:  10ton, 15ton, 20 ton,25ton,30ton five models.

2. Lip thickness: 16mm, Loading Dock Leveler thickness:8mm

3. Totally sand-blasted and vanish-baked for maximum painting adherence.

4.  Under static pressure of 24 hours,
the deformation is within 3mm. And after pressure is released, the deformation will recover.

5. Platform ground is made from high-strength 8mm or above thick steel plate. The surface is processed with groove mil-
ling to make it anti-skid.

6. Hinge and Shaft, are Super-High-Temperature heat-treated, to reduce its deformation
7. the Whole set of Loading Dock Leveler hydraulic drive stations is imported from Europe, with stable power output. It can work under high fre-
High standard seal avoids oil leaking.
8. Surface treatment: Coated with epoxy resin paint, very durable and high anti-corrosive.

Automatic Stationary Fixed Hydraulic Dock Leveler or Dock Ramp:

Used in loading bays or docks, to realize forklifts entering the truck containers directly. It can improve the loading and

Complete Loading Bay or Dock:

Loading Bay is a complete assembly of Overhead Door, Dock Leveler, and Dock Shelter&Seal. It is widely seen in the warehouse, factory, and logistics industries. These three parts work together to improve Loading Dock Leveler efficiency and protect the indoor
environment. We can offer the whole set for you. Please find more detail on the page of Sectional Door and Dock Shelter.


1. Power pack including motor, valve, pump are all from Italy

2. Oil seal: Japanese “NOK” brand.

Standard dimensions

ModelDock leveler dimension (mm)Pit dimension(mm)Remark
6’x6’1830(W)x1680(L)x490(H)1870(W)x1670(L)x500(D)All dimensions including width, length, height, and lip length can be customized according to the customer’s demand.




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