Mild Steel Hpl Steel Sliding Gate Design


Mild  steel  using very important safety our home or commercial space place used very well. sliding gate use to interior space of place our main cost low of price.



Mild Steel Hpl Steel Sliding Gate it is a type of Carbon Steele. With   Low Amount of Carbon metal It’s actually is “called low carbon steel. Although the ranges very depending upon the source. HPL High Pressure Laminate meaning wood interior site or outer surface site.

MS Hpl Steel Sliding Gate Design

MaterialMild steel, cantilever sliding, HPL wood steel
Size4’*6 and 4”*8 Customized r
colorcustomized request color
Surface TreatmentAnodized, Brushed, Finished, Polished
Usage/ ApplicationCommercial, Residential, Industrial, etc
QualityQuality Control System
Optional GradeManual Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Voice Comment System, RFID System, Face recognized, Face Print Recognized, Remote control system loop Detector System etc
History15 Year company Experience


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