MRM Rolling Shutter Motor Receiver and Transmitter Remote

Remote Controller For Rolling Door Motor Specifications:

Not Influenced by weather , temperature condition long control Distance , with a cover on transmitter to avoid pressing Unexpected . left or right installation switch button

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  • 1)High frequency transmit and receive system , use precise Surface patch component design make stable quality.
    2)Secure, hard to decipher, avoids traditional repeat code that is easy captured and scanned.
    3)Precision components resist external disturbances, temperature changes and other similar factors enhancing performance.
    4)High frequency emission and reception with extra long reception and extra strong penetration.
    5)Applies intelligent frequency matching control.
    6)Easy to operator
  • Product Description:
    1.Simple Design
    2.SMT Process
    3.Super-heterodoxy Receiver Chip
    4.Relay with interlock output
    5.For fix code, soldering code, DIP code


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