Pedestrian Gate Motor and Operator



Residential areas, commercial centers, stations and so on


Pedestrian Gate corridor advertising Gate is a newly released product, which combines traditional iron Pedestrian Gate and advertising lamp box, mainly used in all places where need to control the access of personnel It can not only manage the entrance and exit of people ensure the security of the community, but also achieve great advertising effect through ts unique advertising form Pedestrian Gate Advertising gate applies residential areas, scenic spots, commercial centers, stations, and other occasions

Automatic access control pedestrian gate corridor advertising Gate

1. Pedestrian Gate DC brushless motor, output power 35W, long life, high efficiency, smooth operation, intelligent
anti‐pinch, windproof, automatic lock; thick gear wear resistance, high and low-temperature
resistance: ‐40 °C ~ +80 °C!

2. The modular design of the transmission Can be disassembled separately without removing the Door frame, simple, convenient, and safe!

3. Conical special bearings, waterproof, rustproof, high and low temperature resistant,
strong load-carrying capacity can withstand both lateral and longitudinal forces!

4. Do not use an external hose, the line is hidden from the inside of the square tube, Pedestrian Gate is beautiful and neat!

5. Magnetic lock, super suction, the horizontal thrust can reach 280KG

6. Main column material thickness 3.0

Output Efficiency:30W
Humidity:85% or lower
Insulation Class:F
Gate Operation Time:3-6S
Altitude:1000 Meter or lower
Operation Lifetime:>=5million times
Temperature Range:-30°C to +70°C

The function

Pedestrian Gate

Main board wiring diagram and parameter function table

Pedestrian Gate


voltage220V 10%,50HZ
Standby power≤6W
Rated current<1A
Open/close speed3‐8s
Protection levelIP55
Power45W (max)
Rated power25W
Electric lock output12V,500MA
Open-angle90° design standard
Horizontal thrust180kg
remote control distance≤30m
Motorbrushless motor /door closer(optional)

Pedestrian Gate


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