Rolling shutter Safety Brake

Safety Brake For Rolling Door

This device is mainly applied to a variety of shutter doors, shutter windows, etc. It is installed on the reel (beam tube). The door curtain may drop quickly and cause danger when the chain breaks, or when the electric brake fails. or when the overloaded transmission gear is damaged. The device is able to prevent the door curtain from dropping suddenly and protect people and property by automatically braking the reel and cutting off the power of the motors instantaneously.



High Quality Safety Brake for Roller Shutter

1.Safety device for roller shutter doors

2. with CE, TUV certificated.

3. we produced safety brake RSB-1-18 series, RSB-1-30, RSB-1-40 and RSB-1-50 are sold to Europore and American markets with a perfect quality reputation


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