Rolling shutter Wireless Safety Edge


Electronic side lock function introduction

In order to make up for the shortage of theft proof performance of electric rolling door,
we have designed a new type theft proof motor lock for electric rolling door . Using our
company a number of new patent technologies, so that it can enhance the theft proof
performance of electric rolling door ,and can be used with the electric rolling door
system ,without the manual operation of traditional rolling door locks . Electricity can
remotely control opening and closing without electricity can be manual opening and
closing, and can intelligent judgment ck open to avoid damage electric rolling door
system by locks unopened . protect personal and property safety

Can add wireless safety edge, and set up stop, rebound times is 0.5s/2s /to up limit mode when meet
obstacle(on the module setting).
Can add wireless safety edge and alarm system. When door is opened by thief or pried to higher than
5cm, it can alarm of up to 105 decibels.


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