Skylight Awning


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MRM Skylight  Awning provides manufacturing services and installation of folding Canopy or retractable awnings. Installation of roll awnings can give a classic and modern impression to your building, this type of folding canopy or roll awnings is very suitable to be installed on a window or porch, besides in commercial areas such as shops, restaurants and cafes.

Acrylic Fabric Full Cassette Skylight Awning With LED Light

Folding canopy or retractable Skylight awnings are designed to make it easier for users to open and close them, this type of awning is very easy to close and open like a window or umbrella. Opening and closing awnings of this type can be done in two ways, namely by manual and automatic, the manual method is to roll or fold using a special stick that has been included in the purchase/order package, while the automatic method is to install an electric motor that can be controlled using the remote, you simply press the button on the remote and the awning will open or close by itself.

We, MRM Skylight Awning provide the best service at very competitive prices for anyone and anywhere who wants to install roll awnings on the building, MRM Skylight Awning has reliable technicians and has experience in making and installing canopy or roll type awnings.


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