Stainless Steel Trackless BI Folding Gate


We have the best quality SS Stainless Steel laser Cut Trackless BI Folding Gate automatic gate and door system which is Automatic Electric motor-operated and can be open by remote control or access control device

Stainless Steel Trackless BI Folding Gate Hpl Sheet and Laser cut

MaritalMS steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron
Size Various type size Available Customer Requesting
ColorWhite, Black, Silver, and Costumer Requesting color are Available
Surface treatment  Hot-Dip, Galvanised, Powder Coated,
Open Staleytype open is a Trackless BI Folding Gate
Optional openSliding-type, Swing Type, folding type, Bi-folding
Key WordsMain Stainless Steel Glass Gate Designs
Drawing DesignAccording -to Your request
Optional  productAutomation, manual,  Semi-Automation, Voice cement System, fingerprint system,
Usage Applica’sHouse, Industrial. commercial place,


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