Straight 105 DC Motor Parking Barrier Toll Plaza Gate


It’s suitable for hotels, garden villas, residential areas, parking lots, enterprises, institutions, etc.

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Open Parking Barrier gate method optional

  1. Access control, such as ticket dispenser, card reader
  2. License plate recognition
  3. UHF RFID Reader & Sticker
  4. Loop detector / Function: boom will automatically fall when the vehicle passes
  5. Laser infrared wiring‐free radar / Function: anti‐bumping, which means boom will automatically go back when
    meet obstacles during closing

Optional Arm Type: 

Straight Parking Barrier arm- suitable for a broad area without height limitation

b) Folding arm- suitable for the place with height limitation such as underground Parking Barrier lot

c) Grid arm- suitable for the place with the ban of animals.

  1.  Straight up to 6M in general, can be customized.
  2. If the straight Parking Barrier arm is too long, easy to bend and deform during transport, and air express requirements of arms-length can not exceed 3M, telescopic rod generally consists of two sections, each section of the 3M, the maximum can be extended to 5.3M.
  3. The maximum length of the fence type is 4.5M
  4. Folding Parking Barrier type up to 6M, in general use of underground garage, can be customized
Color optionalBlue / Orange / Gray / Yellow
Operation time3.5-6S
Arm TypeStraight Arm: Max 6 meters, aluminum alloy
Fence Arm: Two or three fence arms, Max 4.5 meters, aluminum alloy
Folding Arm: 90 or 180-degree folding arm, max 5 meters,  aluminum alloy
Spring And BearingHeat Treatment: more durable, more than 5 million times through operation testing
Remote Control Distanceless than 50 meters
Working temperature -35°C  +95°C
Application Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor parking areas at airports, shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, factories, condominiums, car rental companies, etc. It can also be customized to be used together with any auto-pay ticketing parking access control system
  1. [Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking
  2. Boom Parking Barrier with rubber profiles and light reflector for safety and recognisability
  3.  Self-learning function and encoder controlled movement
  4. Integrated obstacle detection system for extra safety
  5. Customizable boom lengths
  6.  Easy to integrate with other systems

Excellent workmanship and appearance

  1. 1.5mm cold-rolled plate, baking finishing, water-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, colorfast.
  2. Excellent appearance, a different color for options, widely used in different places.
  3. Boom length can be customized.


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