Tripod Turnstile Gate With Rfid/Fingerprint Reader

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Tripod Turnstile Gate With Rfid/Fingerprint Reader

The standard tripod turnstile series are made of 304 stainless steel, which is rustproof, durable, and can resist external
destroy. Its structure of cuboid framework and the arm not only provide people with civilized and orderly transit manner but also
prevent the illegal in and out effectively. Meanwhile, m the emergency, the arm will drop automatically. According to different
control modules, this series can be divided into full-auto type, semi-auto type and manual type.


1, Auto replacement function, reposition after person pass by
2, Anti tail function auto-lock once turn 120° .
3, Arms auto drop when power off , insure unblocked when accident
4, Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect varieties of card readers and
receive relay signal to work
5, Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying, convenient for your management
6, Auto alert error function, comfort for user maintain and operation
7, Manual button or remote control , bidirectional passage
8, Open signal with memory or with out set function
9, Red and green light to show pass or stop, leisure to exit and entrance
10, Optional face, fingerprint, card access control systems.


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