Water Resistant RFID Sticker Label Tag UHF 13.56MHz Passive


However they can be re-encoded several numerous time until they are locked and once locked, RFID Sticker tags cannot be unlocked. To use an RFID tags, you either need to tap the sticker with your RFID Sticker enabled device or you need to bring your device close enough (maybe an inch apart) to get the device to do your programmed bidding

Water Resistant RFID Sticker Label Tag

DescriptionRFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology provides simplicity for Logistics, Identification, Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, E-ticket etc., with a low cost paper label tag.

With the advance of UHF technology , it is become more prosperity in applications in Aviation, healthcare, retail apparel, supply MRM, even in emerging technologies.

ChipUHF:H3/H4,M4/5,UC 7;HF:IC SLI series or customized
Size80*25,80*40,90*40,120*38,94*24,100*68,100*45,145*50mm or customized.
MaterialCoated paper, PVC, PET ,CPC, Sika paper or customized
Write Endurance≥100000 cycles
Read RangeUHF:1-10m;HF:0-5cm(depends on the reader and antenna)
ApplicationClothing/Garment management, Stock control, Anti-theft, etc.


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